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The idea of Scaling Spaces and H:32 is to adapt to the constantly changing needs of young startups. This results in a space in permanent change and movement, in an office building where walls are built or torn down in a day if necessary.

A Unique Ecosystem

Scaling Spaces’ creative concept for H:32 reflects this dynamic. We wanted to bring the old and sober bank building to life and develop it into a unique ecosystem. Starting on floor 3, the foundation of our ecosystem is Science, while the ascending floors are named after natural habitats, e.g. The Forest or Outer Space. Teasing everyone’s imagination with these topics seemed important to us welcoming an atmosphere of exchange among the many different people co-working in H:32. Hence, we entrusted urban artists to interpret our chosen topics and floor colors spreading awesome wall pieces all over our common areas.

Urban Art Wall Designs

Urban art in the surroundings of Bahnhof Zoo has recently increased as much as the number of co-working spaces. In May 2017, the ephemeral project The House turned a former bank building near Kurfürstendamm that had been released for demolition into an intensive total art experience. Urban Nation has been inviting international street artists to paint facades in the socially difficult neighborhood around Bülowstraße for several years now, finally opening its “impossible” museum in September 2017. When Scaling Spaces started renovating the floors of the old headquarter of Berliner Bank in the same month it felt right to feature urban art on the dulling white corridors.

We invited artists, mostly based in Berlin, who have already worked in the surroundings. The idea was to see different hands, techniques and styles on each floor. Techniques from old school graffiti and mural paintings to paste ups, tape and all sorts of experimental mixtures – from abstract to figurative approaches. We especially welcomed the inclusion of tape art, an art form that has made significant developments in Berlin within the last 10 years.

All artists came up with great ideas for organizing the common spaces and breaking the monotony of the usual office enfilade. Their work started to breathe life into the different floors of our ecosystem, turning H:32 into a place of dialogue and imagination.


More information on our floor designs coming soon:

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