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8th Floor: The Outer Space

Deih XLF

Born in:

Valencia, Spain.

Started out:

as a teenager spraying and skating in his hometown Valencia. When he was already a respected “old-school” member of the scene he initiated together with one of his brothers a graffiti and street art festival there. Deih also studied Fine Arts searching for his own way to explain the world to himself and creating other worlds in order to try the impossible: to explain life and to get there by going beyond words.

Specialist in: spraying like a maniac in a bizarre and extra-terrestrial sci-fi mode. He likes to express his emotions and reflections on his environment via science-fictional characters and displays that have the power to draw you magnetically into their fantastic realms.


For H:32:

he invented a liquid form of universe flowing through our walls. The sower of stars illuminates its many pathways, while floating energy stones appear to be used or abused in various ways. Flying through OUTER SPACE we are invited to discover the several stages our mind and soul pass during a creative process. 



Deih about the current form of his life-long creative search:

“I’ve been painting graffiti since 1994/95 and I still love it. I draw, I breathe.

Recently, I’ve been developing a project called “The Insider,” which is part of an introspective investigation of my life and feelings. I draw my inner life as I consider my relationships with others and myself. Thus, I understand science-fiction representational codes as a way to achieve (to construct) a personal truth."

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