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For every new potential tenant that is introduced by you**,

we grant a commission of up

to 5,000 € after they sign a lease agreement with us.*

Please send any recommendation of a prospective tenant with name and contact information to​​

The duration of this recommendation program is limited to May 31th, 2022, but may be extended at further notice on this website.

* 10% commission on the basic lease of the first 6 lease months capped at 5,000 € net. To be eligible for the commission, you must refer in your recommendation to the recommendation program. Commission is only paid in case of  acquisitions of new customers that are not yet known to Scaling Spaces/ Scaling One prior to your referral. All participants must be over 18 years old.

It is not possible to deduct any form of relation between the participant of the

recommendation program and Scaling Spaces GmbH.

The participant also has no right to legally represent or bind Scaling Spaces GmbH.

The provision will be paid after the first 6 months of the renting period and is bound to the sufficient rent amount being paid in time by the company recommended. If one of both is not the case, the provision cannot be paid.

** Employees of Scaling Spaces GmbH and Scaling One GmbH as well as C-Level Management of Shareholders of Scaling Spaces GmbH are excluded from the referral program. 

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