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3th FLOOR: Science

LaMia & Falk Land

Born in:

Falk somewhere in the bounded vastness of the GDR, LaMia in Berlin-Kreuzberg 36.

Started out:

Falk’s first love was hip hop. He went from beatbox and skateboard to breakdance, yet one day graffiti took over and controlled his mind. LaMia always had a fascination for biology and organic forms. During her diploma in communication design, she experimented a lot with materials - and tape won her favor. She started her own tape-art projects, then founded TAPE OVER with her partner ROB in spring 2011. Falk met Tape Over for the first time at the Fuchsbau Festival near Hannover, after a while he discovered that teaming up with them is really fun.

Specialist in:  combining figurative elements and organic forms with graphic shapes and patterns on mixed media. Falk likes to use a large variety of material such as acrylics, spray paint, aquarelle and paste ups. LaMia’s main tool of expression is tape, yet she’s also into photography, painting, collages and installations.


For H:32:

they set out to shape our SCIENCE floor by pasting up portraits of a few of the coolest thinkers that walked the earth since the scientific revolution. A symbiosis of paste ups, tape art, painting and graffiti emerged. In the creative process the paste ups were covered, revolved and accompanied by multiple layers of forms inspired by the scientists’ work and various shades of white, grey and black. Strolling through the hallways you will face Galileo Galilei, Ernst Haeckel, Jane Goodall as well as Dorothy Hodgkin.”


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