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7th Floor: The City

Christian Rothenhagen alias DeerBLN

Born in:

Friedrichroda (Thuringia), moved to Berlin in his toddler years.

Started out:

playing around in the attics of his home district Berlin-Mitte. A disposition to draw seized him early on. As becoming a designer wasn’t an option for a kid of suspicious protestants in GDR times, he decided to train his hands as a carpenter. After the fall of the Wall, Christian studied pedagogics and simultaneously started a business – his own brand of skater clothing. But then he discovered that being able to live from doing art is even better.

Specialist in:  remembering forgotten and disregarded parts of our cities, mainly of his hometown Berlin and of San Francisco where he also spends a great deal of time every year. Whether teaching, creating or selling his art, Christian always has a refreshing awareness of the social impact that his work generates. As an illustrator and painter, he combines clear form and rich detail, covering large spaces as easily as a tiny piece of paper with his poised lines.


For H:32:

he chose to start painting a red circle in the middle of a hallway and let his memories of facades, traffic lights and power lines spread out from there. He often came by late in the evenings, adding details here and there, making people look closely and wonder about the changes of their CITY environment the next morning. 



In Gouda, THE CITY’s kitchen, Christian did a special team work with ROB, the manager and co-founder of the TAPE OVER Crew whose individual members created several floors of H:32.

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