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4th Floor: The Forest

Joshua Lee & JottBG // TAPE OVER

Born in:

just in time, both in Berlin.

Started out:

well, simply getting into the Graffiti Culture… Joshua began working with LaMia and tape in early 2011 - then concentrated for a while on a University degree, until living for art got the better of him again. In 2016 he met young JottBG whose creative output got really going then.

Specialist in:  Joshua loves Tape Art as much as Calligraphy and Typography, which are like yin and yang for him with regard to the creative process (rational planning vs. feeling). 

Park in New Zealand for a year developing a deep affection for the calm and peace of the forest. JottBG got a feeling for wood during his apprenticeship as a carpenter, which also made him a specialist in surface refinement (such as gilding). Recently, he favors the abstract and random impasto-style results you get from working acrylic colors with spatulas.


For H:32:

we had to realize that using wood was impossible due to fire safety restrictions. Joshua and JottBG created an impenetrable thicket of dripping and mingling shades of green working with a spatula while structuring the corridors through parts of taped trunks, lianas and graphic green stripes. Thus, the impression of THE FOREST is pure rhythm combined with the sparkle and haziness you discern staring in dense foliage on a sunny day.



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