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6th Floor: The Sea

Kerim Yilmaz alias MIC (More In Color) & MR GALLE // TAPE OVER

Born in:

Kerim in Kerkrade, Netherlands, and MR GALLE in Berlin

Started out:

Kerim began spraying wherever he could. Yearning to leave the shadows of illegality, he joined the Tape Over Crew and became an upright citizen. MR GALLE, on the contrary, got his hands on colors legally in his early Waldorf kindergarden years and never let go of them. He has traded the wax crayons for other materials though.

Specialist in:  While Kerim sprays with ease in a photorealistic manner whatever he sees on a blurry printout, MR GALLE is the fasted taper of his crew. Kerim is actually very fond of Micro Art illustrations, yet huge walls attract him as well. Spray cans, duck tape, wood and fineliner are his favorite tools of the trade. MR GALLE works mainly with tape, only occasionally using other tools and materials. They both love to add a certain surrealist touch to their work.


For H:32:

they approached THE OCEAN staging a cool interplay of realistic graffiti parts and abstracting tape patterns. Almost life-sized portraits of various illustrious inhabitants of the seas are interlocked with recurring little tiles of taped waves. While the dolphins in our Reception combine the impression of a chilled day at the beach with a neat office atmosphere, the huge whale on the opposite end of the floor plays with the inversion of inside and outside containing a wavy sea within its colossal blue outlines.


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